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                    Food , Knowledge, Hygiene of Life ,
The Chef Who Will Preserve Your Health And Boost Your Brain
                       There will always toujours be good and bad choices .
                            And it starts with what we put into our bodies.
                                          And in the order we eat our food 

About Chef Nicolas Jardin 

As l always say , food is more than the fuel the      body needs to survive .  Food is information !

What i mean by that , food has the power to influence how your genome , your DNA expresses itself .

Simply put , food influences your state of mind and the way you feel .

What you eat has a direct impact on how you live .


As a Chef and Advisor , I have spent my life researching how best to recalibrate my mind to enhance human performance . 

Biology and physiologie must unite in order to generate total well-being. At the psychological level , my future clients will be rather satisfied when the reality meets their expectations.

At the biological level , my clients will be happier when they experience pleasant sensations and escape unpleasant sensations thanks to the happiness given which is only the pleasure of tasting good food and the absence of pain , given them solutions to respond to their needs.

No one can deny that sitting at a good table is a real pleasure ! it should be noted that a good table means good food , quality drinks and good presentation .

We often talk about culinary art and we are not wrong , because it is really an art of choosing the ingredients , making the dish , cooking it and finally presenting it to the clients . 

A Man Preparing a Salad
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