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Eating is Need,
             enjoying is an Art!

Raw Vegetable Summer

Be seduced by this beautiful mixture of vegetables and raw fruit tastes, varied textures and colors for a perfectly delicious and easy dish to prepare. Attention this overflowing salad freshness puts in full view and taste buds!

Vitamin winter salad

I chose here to decorate my beluga lentil salad a few thin slices of this amazing tuber that wants to be both sweet and spicy. My palace is it any resemblance to the black radish, both in texture (when consumed raw) that by its slightly peppery flavor. Delicate and subtle hints that perfectly enhances legumes.

Cream lawyer cocoa and coconut crumble and Brazil nuts

100% vegetable cream, creamy and decadent whose main ingredient is avocado! The perfect dessert to reinflate the morale and help get through these last weeks of winter. Good tasting!


germinated quinoa salad with grapes

Quinoa is an extraordinary pseudo-cereal that besides being delicious to taste ends a controversy; yes it is vegetable and has a high protein content.
Provided tremendous nutritional qualities, quinoa is rich in essential amino acids and contains full of our favorite minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. In addition, quinoa really has everything to be loved



Delicious express roulade salad

So that we can all enjoy the benefits of vegetables in season, I wanted to share a little of my favorite meals of the day. It is a mixture of pretty salad embellished with a little sesame cream gluttony, all wrapped doubly salad and nori seaweed. This quickly prepared roll is of course delicious and so just as quickly eaten!










Fall salad with pumpkin, cranberry and walnuts

Grated, minced semolina or cut into chips with efficient, raw squash sweet spices like that does not hide its subtle flavor and fruit, fresh or dried, that complement perfectly. It is served as we serve the grated carrot. Here is grated squash and accompanied by dried cranberries, walnuts and a good dose of greenery to balance the flavors and textures.


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